Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

Professional Services Overview

Under contract for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), EPV Group, LLC (EPV) developed an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Specification, which included the investigation of various software and hardware components needed to install, integrate and operate an ITS system.  We also included technical specifications identifying the operating parameters of each component.

EPV has provided System Engineering services and developed technical documents, including Concept of Operations and System Requirement Specifications, for various transit agencies.  We are the ideal firm to help your agency through the implementation process of your ITS system.  We are an SBA accredited minority owned 8(a), DBE certified ITS Professional Services and System Engineering company and we have worked with various transit agencies in different stages of ITS system development.

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At the onset of any ITS project, EPV establishes a project methodology with the transit agency; usually a phased approach based on the ITS Project Scope will be utilized.  By adhering to the FHWA–Systems Engineering “V” Process illustrated in the diagram above, we are able to plan and design any ITS architecture before technology choices are made.  It also allows for the development of documented requirements to support the system choices recommended, integrated, and ultimately validated.

Studies have shown that utilizing system engineering and following similar processes will reduce risk, cost overruns and meet the transit agency’s needs.  Agencies should also consider other success factors.  It is critical that any project have management involvement in addition to their support.  Assembling a robust implementation team will require staff cooperation and buy in.  The system selected should be field proven and flexible enough to handle existing and future needs.

The basic project methodology for any ITS projects, whether provided by in house resources or contracted to a professional service firm, should consist of at least three components.  A study of the organization’s operation should be performed, to assess requirements for a Transit Management system.  The organization should apply the results of their assessment to develop a system procurement process or verify the system in place adequately fits their needs.  Once a system is selected, the agency should establish and monitor a carefully structured implementation process.