Systems Engineering and Support

Some people argue that development of computer software is more art than science, and that attempting to impose engineering disciplines over a type of art is an exercise in futility because what represents good practice in the creation of software is not even defined. EPV believes that engineering's blend of art and science to achieve practical ends provides a useful model for software development. We use a process represented in “V” Systems Engineering Model. (See ITS Consulting Link) These processes are performed to implement any type of system that meets the client needs. EPV is engaged in all aspects of system engineering, including the following.

  • Systems Integration
    • EPV Group provides systems integration services to clients who require legacy applications to be integrated into upgraded systems, both at the data and application level.
    • During the integration phase, EPV will assist in the assembly of all system components into a working system and verify that is complies with all of its requirements. EPV will provide technical support and be involved in the system verification process. The verification process will be applied from the detailed component verification to end-to-end system verification.
  • Technical Software Planning Services
    • Based on client needs, EPV will research and evaluate software applications that will be deployed from either Off-the-Shelf products or custom developed products.
    • EPV will evaluate several Off-the-Shelf products and make sure the client’s high-level design matches the capabilities of the target products.
    • EPV has the capability of developing custom products for specific clients. This would provide more flexibility for the client in determining production functionality
  • Relational Database Design and Administration
    • Using such tools as Oracle Designer for database modeling, EPV Group can customize business rule analysis and implementation.
  • Graphical User Interface Design and Development
    • EPV uses the latest tools to design and development Graphical User Interfaces to provide the user the ability to quickly perform functions and extract data
    • Interfacing to current GIS systems provides the user another way to interact to real-time information related to transportation applications
  • Systems Implementation and Deployment Services
    • During the implementation stage of any project, hardware and software components will need to be tested and verified against client requirements and test plan. EPV will develop an Implementation Plan that will contain System Requirements, Design Specifications, Hardware and Software Components and Integration Plans. The Implementation Plan will provide the information needed to verify that the system meets the client needs.
  • Training
    • System users are key participants in the System Engineering process. EPV will assist in developing a Training Plan for Off-the-Shelf products. EPV will provide user training for any custom developed products.