EPV Group was founded out of a desire to provide high quality products and services to its customers. The company leadership consists of three individuals with distinct backgrounds. They share the ownership equally but focus on those areas of the business that compliment the skills.


Alma Chavez, Ray Gonzalez, Ron Munden

Alma Chavez has worked in the software industry since 1990.  While at Accugraph she worked in the areas of software technical support, software requirements gathering, software QA testing, software documentation and project management. Alma received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering and manages our support/services, new product specifications and product release plans.

Marty Loya has over 30 years of experience in the software development, customer services and project management areas. She has special expertise in software systems structure, engineering and design. As Program and Project Director, Marty is responsible for ITS Professional Services and System Engineering. She has extensive experience in requirement gathering for developing software applications. She is involved in testing and documenting software applications for customer delivery. Marty is uniquely qualified in designing system business cases for system engineers and software developers.

Ray Gonzalez has worked in software development since 1985 . Ray was previously the Development and Integration manager for the entire suite of Accugraph products. He managed the entire software engineering staff and programmers through the development and maintenance of those products. Ray received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering and manages our development team plus administration and accounting.

Ron Munden has over 35 years of business experience in the computer industry, with the last 25 focused specifically in the software area. Ron came to the El Paso area in 1985, after serving as a Vice President for Wang Laboratories, to work for the Accugraph Corporation. (Holguin Corp.)  Ron served in many capacities, including President, COO. Ron received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and manages our business development, sales, marketing and planning