The ObjectShield™ system provides an integrated set of tools and services that provide stakeholders the ability to heighten security, promote economic development and facilitate movement of cargo or personnel. The application enhances collaboration between various facilities and provides the following:

  • Interoperability between different security systems
  • Collaboration between stakeholders to determine responses to events
  • Analysis of information from different data sources
  • Visibility of conveyances with cargo or personnel from origin to destination
  • Collaborative Software Agent warnings and alerts

ObjectShield™ Services

SOA Service Oriented Architecture is an alternative code organization, based on services. A service is a set of code that has several properties:

  • A service can take requests
  • Given a well-formed request, a service will send a response
  • A service can use other services

Marvel™ Web Services

The Marvel Web Services is integrated into ObjectShield™ for performing data management in the areas of

  • Data normalizing
  • Data mapping
  • Data validation

Collaborative Software Agent (CSA)

ObjectShield™ Services also respond to requests from Collaborative Software Agents (CSA). CSA’s will analyze information being “pulled in from various data sources to determine if an anomaly exists and sends out an alert to the human operator. CSA business rules are developed and configured into the ObjectShield™ System.


The ObjectShield™ Architecture contains various Ontologies to support the CSAs. These Ontologies are developed for a specific domain. Each ontology will contain descriptions of concepts within the domain and the relationships required for the CSAs.

ObjectShield™ Application Components

ObjectShield™ uses components similar to other applications such as ICODES-Commercial and Logistics Planning and Re-planning Services (LP&R). These include the following:

  • Client Component
  • Server Component
  • User Interface including GIS Interface
The GIS Interface will serve as the main user interface for displaying asset locations, routes, alert information, secure areas, and GIS Maps.